Our wedding party

Colleen's bridesmaids:

Karola Wellert is the maid of honor.  She and Colleen have been best friends since 7th grade, and have been on many adventures together.  Julia Schwoegler is a close friend of both Colleen and Andy since high school, and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Amanda and Kala Hartley are friends and co-bowling team members with the bride and groom.  Stephanie Hutzler and Colleen have been friends since middle school, but in a unique coincidence were also 3rd grade pen pals.


Andy's groomsmen:

Ben Allen is the best man, and Andy's brother.  Christ Wimberly is a close friend Colleen and Andy have known since high school.  Andrew Robinson and Andy have known each other since middle school, and have also been on many adventures together.  Jordan Steinhoff first met Colleen while working at APAC, but quickly became a close friend to Andy also.  Jess Hutzler is married to Stephanie, and has been friends with the couple since high school.

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